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The annual cost of our trails program to the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks is over $100,000 including the costs of labor, fuel, equipment maintenance and depreciation, equipment rental, etc. That money is NOT government money, but is money raised by the NSCF from its membership and from corporate sponsors and donors.  The Nordic Ski Club has approximately 300 memberships annually, accounting for a total somewhere around 800 members (there are normally multiple members in a single family membership).  If you do the math, you can see that it is important that our club members make meaningful donations to cover these costs.

Skiers in the lower 48 pay substantial fees for day passes and season passes.  You can ski at Birch Hill without having to purchase a day pass or a season pass, or wear a ticket on your clothing.  However, if the high-quality trail system is to continue to exist, and if the superb grooming we have all come to expect is to go on into the future, those things have to get paid for.

Below are the donation amounts suggested by the NSCF Board of Directors.  These donations are based on the actual costs of operating our trails program.  A survey of what people pay at commercial and club trail operations in the Lower 48 and Canada where fees are charged confirms that these amounts are typical, or even on the low end, for a ski center the size and quality of Birch Hill.  Keep in mind that for most operations outside of Alaska, the ski season is 1/2 to 2/3 the length of a typical Fairbanks ski season.  The cost of our grooming operations is a direct function of the length of our season:
  •     Individual Season Pass / Youth (younger than high school) - $90
  •     Individual Season Pass / Junior-Student (high school or college student - $150
  •     Individual Season Pass / Adult - $200
  •     Couples Season Pass / Adult - $300
  •     Family Season Pass (includes children through high school) - $400

Sustaining donor levels:

  • Tracksetter - $500
  • Trailblazer - $1000

As you are making your donation decision, please keep these numbers in mind . . . so that we can keep enjoying the great trails and grooming for which Birch Hill is justifiably renowned.

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The annual cost of our trails program is over $100,000 including the costs of labor, fuel, equipment maintenance and depreciation, equipment rental, etc.

NSCF Vision

For anyone in the Fairbanks community to be able to experience the enjoyment and benefits of cross country skiing.

NSCF Mission

To provide the opportunities, programs, facilities, and expertise to grow and support lifelong cross country skiers.