Membership Benefits

Membership is open to everyone with an interest in cross-country skiing. Memberships start on October 1 and last for one yearBeing a member of the Nordic Ski Club of Fairbanks provides a number of benefits to you and the Fairbanks community:

  • Discounts on fees for races and lessons
  • The Alaska Nordic Skier newsletter
  • Helping the ski club to:
    • Maintain grooming at Birch Hill
    • Run several races throughout the season
    • Organize ski tours
    • Run several ski education and training programs, including:
      • Junior Nordics
      • Adult Lessons
      • FXC
      • FXC Masters
      • Biathlon

NSCF Vision

For anyone in the Fairbanks community to be able to experience the enjoyment and benefits of cross country skiing.

NSCF Mission

To provide the opportunities, programs, facilities, and expertise to grow and support lifelong cross country skiers.